The Duck in Dungarees

Dusty the Duck journeys to the city to fight climate change in this action packed adventure.

The story follows Dusty, a country farm duck, as she travels to the big city to fight climate change. Every day Dusty has the enormous task of cleaning the farm’s river from all the rubbish that has flowed down from the city. When a close family member comes too close to harm as a result of the endless litter, her feathers get ruffled and she decides to take action. Armed with leaflets, she takes a boat and makes the long journey upstream to London to tell everyone what is going on. Will she make her voice heard? With the help of Flora the feisty city Fox and Harold the helpless Hedgehog, her journey turns into the adventure of a lifetime as she learns the power of friendship, unity and the importance of using her voice. Underscored with live folk music and original songs, the show combines environmental awareness with an engaging, fun and heart warming story.

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Suitable for Ages A fun, action packed show for all the family!

Cast and Creatives

Lily Streames and Rebecca Ward

Ashton Moore

To be announced